What would life be like without dreams? Dreams and goals fulfill our lives with hope and inspiration. Fiber Dream Santas are the result of a five year dream. We began raising Cotswold sheep in 1994. Cotswolds are an endangered breed of long-wool sheep that originated in the Cotswold Hills of England. They were the first registered sheep in the United States. This beautiful breed is known for its long, lustrous, curly locks, often referred to as “The poor man’s mohair.” Our farm began raising Cotswolds to preserve this unique breed. At the same time I was an avid Santa collector and envisioned myself designing my own line of Santas, created from the wool harvested on our farm. This dream was almost destroyed in the winter of 1998. On a cold February morning, we suffered a horrific dog attack while we were away working. We lost most of our sheep, all our goats and all of our angora rabbits. Devastated, we either had to start over or sell out. I chose to quit teaching, and become a full time mother and shepherd, putting tremendous faith in fulfilling a dream that had pursued me for years.

With the encouragement of my husband, children and friends, I set out to accomplish my dream.                                                                                                                              

              Fiber Dream Santas are the result of this dream that is forever changing and growing. Each Santa is an original design, handcrafted and numbered and signed. No two will ever be alike. I constantly scour the countryside for unique fabric and accessories, often using antique coats and old woolen fabrics. Many toys are handmade. Each Santa takes on his own personality, often reflecting the passions and interests of its new owner. The faces are either porcelain or hand-sculpted from clay, paper mache’ or felted wool. Some are based on a theme, while others evolve as they are made. Each Santa is photographed, signed and numbered and placed in a journal for record keeping.

           Our wooly sheep are replica sheep, needle felted from the various wools of our cotswolds, wensleydales and our newest addition, teeswater sheep. Each one is an original and comes in various colors, sizes and accents. They each have a personality of their own and make a beautiful collectible or gift.

            I am dedicated to pursuing my dreams and at the same time, sharing my love and talent with others. I believe that through adversity, prosperity prevails. I hope that as you look at these Santas that you realize that a part of myself has gone into each one and that they are not just a Santa, but a dream come true!

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